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Age is more than just a number!

The Administration on Aging (AOA) statistics states and shows that the older population - persons 65 years or older numbered 44.7 million in 2013. Representing 14.1% of the US population, and that's  about one in every seven Americans. By 2060, there will be about 98 million seniors, more than twice their number in 2013.​ ​​


*The Senior Living Industry                                                              *Aging Place                                    

*24/7 Caregiving and Chronic Illness                                              * Art & Science of Senior Move Management        

*Behind Closed Doors: Getting a Handle on Hoarding                    *Guiding to Deciding​                 

*Working with Clients with Hearing Loss & Aphasia                         *Dementia & Alzheimer's

*Memory & Forgetting: What's Normal & What's Not                  

Home Organization
Closets/Pantries, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Family and Living Rooms, Garage, Laundry Room, Home Office, Family Command Center, Basement, Mail and Paper Management – Households and Home offices.

​Aging In Place
Whether it's you, the senior, or the family representing on behalf of the senior, I can assist with all aspects of de-cluttering, downsizing and organizing.

Preparing to move or just moved?
If you're preparing to move, let me help you de-clutter and downsize prior to packing.  
If you are moving locally, I can assist in overseeing the move, labeling boxes appropriately, making sure your belongings go into their appropriate spots in the new space plan. Need help unpacking? I've got you covered!​
If you've just moved, I can help you unpack, space plan and organize things in your new home. ​​​

​We can provide referrals for: junk removal, auctioneers, and estate and yard sales.

Home Insurance Inventory
What if something happened to your home -- weather related, fire, burglary etc. Do you know what you own, and can you easily value items in order to replace them?  Let me assist you by being pro-active, de-cluttering your home and creating an inventory list you can submit to your insurance company.   It's better to be safe than sorry when trying to recoup funds for what needs to be replaced.

Storage Unit
Are you tired of paying monthly storage fees? Are your belongings in one or more units? Is it likely you are paying storage fees on things you don't use or need to keep? If so, let me assist you in downsizing and/or figuring out what can be brought into your home.​​

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Fees(Call for pricing and discounts)
All Major Credit Cards, Checks and Cash Accepted.
Hands-On-Organizing: Once an assessment has been made, it can be better determined if you need a one-and-done session (3 hour minimum), an additional session, or a four sessions package deal. Note: Bigger projects may require an additional organizer to assist and additional fees will apply.

Getting Started
Each session includes:
Referrals from the following types of companies can be provided if needed: junk removal, auctioneer, and estate and yard sales. I can also suggest organizing products that you may need to purchase to make your space work properly and meet your needs.

Coming up with a game plan.
​Assisting with the decision making process.
Hands-on-organizing (labor)​
​​The Transitional Organizer will provide all basic organizing supplies (trash bags, bags for donations, labels etc.)
​All recycling and trash will be brought to its designated area(s) on-site. Note: Clients are responsible for their own shredding & disposal. Referrals available is help is required.
Any items to be donated can be inventoried during the session, and I will transport one car load to a local donation drop-off site. Referrals available for transporting larger loads.

In today's world, there are:

  • Seniors who have lived in a home for 30+ years that will need to de-clutter and downsize
  • Aging seniors may want to transition into a smaller home, assisted living unit, or move in with family. We can help with planning, organizing, and the physical tasks associated with implementing a move.
  • Many families of seniors are geographically scattered, and cannot always help with a move.
  • There are many seniors who depend on friends and family for emotional support during times of transition. Adding to that, the physical requirements of a move may prove too much for them.
  • We all have a vision of what our space could look like, but getting there can be a major challenge. There are as many reasons as there are people, for our personal belongings to take a life of their own and begin to crowd us out. First we lose our space, and then of our freedom to live in a relaxed, peaceful home environment. You are not alone, and I am here to help!

To Transition means to change from one thing to the next, either in action, position, stage or state of being. The Transitional Organizer helps people to "transition" during the many ages, stages and phases of life. Health issues, physical challenges, relocating, or you just simply need to improve your organizing skills -- everyone can benefit from having a professional organizer. 

Are you tired of looking at your problem area(s) like a deer in head lights? Do you wonder how it got this way or where to begin? Let me assist you with a game plan and together we can make decisions on what to de-clutter, pre-sort and organize. Understanding what you value and how best to honor it is the key. By distinguishing what you what to keep, donate, gift, shred, recycle or trash, and then creating simple organizing solutions we will create the space you desire.

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"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal"

--Matthew 6:19